The corn maze is a life-size maze in a corn field! Paths are cut in a corn field to form a maze. It is 16 acres of corn made into two sections; a large and small maze, with wide, winding and zig-zagging paths. Try to find your way through the field by walking the paths, but don’t get “corn-fused” by our tricky dead ends!

patch of pumpkins

The pumpkin patch is 7 acres, with several varieties of pumpkins and gourds! From our giant pumpkins to pie pumpkins, birdhouse gourds, cool and funky gourds, large cashew squash, and more, we have what you need!

smaller image of large in ground trampoline

The jump pillow is an inflatable trampoline in the ground! The sides are cushioned with sand for safety. The pillow measures 30×50 feet and has a weight limit of 260pounds per person! Yes, adults can jump too!!