Our Story

We are Jesse and Erika Rowe. Rowe Crop Farms was started by Jesse in 2012 and he grew row crops, such as corn and soybeans (hence the name of our business!). We met in the same year, married in 2013 and started our corn maze business in 2014! It began as just a simple 10 acre corn maze and our hand popped kettle corn. Since then, we have grown the maze to 16 acres, added 7 acres of pumpkins, a couple acres of sunflowers, goats, and much more! We plan to continue adding more to our farm, as we can.

Within five years, not only did we expand our business, but we also expanded our family! Our children, Eli, Cooper and Ella, are very involved in our farm and corn maze business and love to greet everyone who comes to the farm. A couple other members of our household, who also love the corn maze season, is our dog, Shyla, and our cat, Razor. They love seeing all of you, as do we!

Every year, we look forward to the Fall season, when we get to share our beautiful farm with all of you and meet new faces! We have created so many wonderful memories here, with so many of you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Come visit us in Caledonia, Missouri. Our little village is super cute and unique!

Farm FAQ’s

Q: Are there restrooms in the maze?2018-09-19T11:01:16-05:00

A: No. Please use the restrooms near the barn before entering the maze.

Q: What should I wear to the corn maze?2018-09-19T11:00:19-05:00

A: Dress for the maze like you would for any other outdoor activity. Make sure you have a sweatshirt on cool days or a rain jacket if the forecast dictates. There is not much shade in the maze, so it’s a good idea to wear a hat on sunny days. We don’t advise you to visit the maze if temps are high, as it can get very hot in the corn. Remember that you will be in a cornfield and even though the trails are compact, your footwear will get dirty.

Q: Will someone come and find me if I get lost in the maze?2018-09-19T10:58:48-05:00

A: Maze workers will be available to assist visitors who need direction. You may also ask for an aerial map at the ticket booth. Please do not call 911 if you feel you are lost! No one will be left in the maze and there are pathways on the outside perimeter of the maze leading to the exit.

Q: How long does it take to get through the maze?2018-09-19T10:58:18-05:00

A: The average time it takes to walk though the maze is one hour. However, it can take less or more time depending on your navigation skills!!

Q: What is a corn maze?2018-09-19T10:57:45-05:00

A: A corn maze resembles a maze you would see on paper but the design is cut out in a corn field. A corn maze is life size and visitors must find their way by walking the paths cut into the corn field.

Q: Is the corn maze stroller accessible?2018-09-19T10:56:58-05:00

A:  The paths are about seven feet wide and slightly bumpy but strollers can go through just fine. However, be aware that if it has recently rained the paths may be muddy. Strollers must stay on the wide pathways. Do not force any stroller or wagon through the corn stalks.

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